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a selection of Loop Massage Bristol’s most frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find your answer here, please check our House Policies and Information pages - or send us an email.

How do I Book a treatment?

While we try to offer walk-in appointments, our timetables fill up quickly. So we strongly advise booking in advance. Our online booking system is quick and easy to use and shows all our availability. Book online here

Which studio is my treatment in?

As of March 2019 we now have two studios, right next door to each other. Our original studio is called Linen Studio, and the new one is Birch Studio - we offer the same treatments in both. Your confirmation emails and texts will contain the name of your therapist - when you arrive their name will be written on the door. Please note our therapists use both studios on different days, so please look for the signs on each visit.

WHAT IS Difference between sports and deep tissue massage?

In a nut shell deep tissue massage is a massage treatment focusing on deeper muscles and increasing blood flow - it can help reduce fresher / smaller adhesions or ‘knots’, it’s great for minor aches and pains. It is generally more restorative and restful than a Sports Treatment, though your body may feel a little tired afterwards.

Sports massage therapists have an extra level of anatomy knowledge that helps to treat clients recovering from all injuries, not just those you’ve gotten from sport! They can also help to break down those historic ‘knots’ and any large areas of adhesions. It is not necessarily that relaxing as a process, though it can leave you feeling mighty good!

I like to think of deep tissues massage as a bit of a steam roller, it stretches you out and works your muscles deeply; while sports massage is more of a cherry picker, able to precisely pick through your muscles to find problem areas and bring you back to peak condition.

DO YOU OFFER Pregnancy massage?

Yes we do. Some of our therapists (both male and female) offer pregnancy massage for those post First Trimester. Pregnancy massage can be booked using the online system. We request that when you book in, you inform us in the comments section how many months pregnant you are. 

Pregnancy treatments are one hour in duration.

What are your studios like? I’ve heard they are IN shipping containers?

Our studios are located in CARGO 2 on Bristol’s harbour-side.  We have two studios, each set in a single converted shipping container.

These containers are small, and have everything we need to create a little oasis of calm. We have heating (and cooling in summer), the interior is decorated to be calming and cosy, we use natural fibres and soft lighting.  Our massage tables are maple hardwood with extra thick memory foam tops, we use cotton sheets, and heat the table in colder months.

Insurance: ours and yours!

All our therapists are fully trained and insured. Some of our therapists are also members of specific training bodies which are recognised by various work place Health Insurance Policies. If you are lucky enough to have such a policy you can book in with:

Polly - FHT Membership
Mary - IRSM Membership
Steve - IRSM Membership

gift vouchers

Buy them from our online shop for any value your require, we offer paper vouchers sent to you through the post or digital vouchers where we send an email directly to the recipient. You can also purchase directly in both our studios, but do text us ahead of time if you want to pop by and pick one up, and we’ll let you know the gaps between appointments.

All Gift Voucher are valid for one year from date of issue against any type of treatment in either of our studios. You can also use them to buy products in studio.

I want to pop in a buy a voucher / face oil / candle, but your studio IS often closed.

We have two studios, there is at least one open seven days a week. As single container studios, when we have a client in for treatment the front door will be locked (and the curtain drawn).

We always hang a sign in the window to say when the treatment finishes (this is usually within one hour) so please do note the time and pop back. Alternatively, text us and we can let you know the best times stop by on the day.


We have two studios based in adjacent shipping containers - each one has its own entrance and a single massage table. If the two of you would both like to have massages and be separated by 10 inches of steel wall, it is possible to book two appointments simultaneously, one in each container. It’s best to email us to arrange this for you.