Massage for the many, not just the few.


Loop your shoulders, take a breath, restore your body and rest your mind. Find out more about Loop Massage



Welcome. “Loop your shoulders, take a breath, restore your body and rest your mind”. Everybody can benefit from carving out some time, to decompress from the daily grind. Loop provides you with that time, and the space to relax - while we treat your achey, stressed out body. 

We plan on revolutionising the way people think about massage, making it accessible and affordable


making the most of your visit

Loop is a boutique massage studio set in a converted shipping container, on Bristol's harbourside. Whether you visit us for your first massage or your one hundred and first massage, we hope that you find your time at Loop beneficial.

If you are planning a visit, please take a few moments to read our Making the most of it.  Most importantly massage is about communication, so don’t be shy if something isn’t to your taste or doesn’t feel right. 
Then settle down and rest.

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It can't achieve world peace, it can't make you thinner, tidy the house, or cook the dinner.


It can provide you with time to yourself;  encourage your body to release tension, helping to keep aches and those pesky niggles at bay. Massage can help you to relax and soothe a busy mind. It can help restore you, to you. 


about polly

Polly is the founder of Loop, which opened it's doors in May 2017. As well as being a therapist, she is also 'the nose' and creator of many of the products found in the Loop studio.

"Like 95% of the population, I used to think of massage as an occasional treat, an indulgence at a spa or on holiday.

It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with cancer and advised that it could help with my rehabilitation, that I began to understand the importance of regular massage. Massage helped relieve my aches and reduce my stress level. It allowed me to start trusting my body, after some very gruelling (thankfully successful) treatment.

I chose to train as a massage therapist, because I think the benefit of regular massage to our health and well-being is too important to ignore. Massage should be for the many and not just the few. At the very least massage offers time to yourself which has become a precious commodity these days. "



As a trained Dancer, Massage Therapist and Nursery Teacher, Laura has a unique insight into the demands that both creativity and caring for others have on both the body and  mind.

Laura combines a range of massage techniques including deep tissue and mobilising, to relieve tension and stress.

Laura offers pre-natal massage.

All treatments on Tuesdays will be with Laura S. 

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Laura is a therapist and doula originally trained in Colombia.

"Massage was the first type of therapy I related to, as it is such a natural thing for us to do -to heal through our hands.  I believe massage is a sort of conversation, a dance if you will, through which the therapist dances a body back into it's own natural melody. Massage reads the messages recorded in our bodies by our emotions and experiences, and in its simplicity, offers the potential for deep transformative experiences."

Laura offers pre-natal massage.

Treatments booked on Monday and Sunday afternoons will be with Laura L. 



Mary is a sports and therapeutic massage therapist.

Using soft tissue therapy with deep tissue techniques to help relieve the physical strains and tension that arise from day-to-day stresses or sporting activity.  Mary is a keen hiker and runner and is mum to two young children.

Sports Massage Treatments with Mary are available on Monday mornings. Mary is a member of the ISRM.

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Additional THERAPIST: Steven

Steven is trained in clinical sport and remedial massage, and Ayurvedic yoga massage. 

Sports massage isn't only for sporty types. It helps relieve the tension which can build in the body, and helps prevent injury. Anyone can benefit -from those in physically demanding jobs or activities, to those where less obvious occupational, emotional and postural factors put the body under similar stress. Sports massage can, if desired, be deeper and more intense, but certainly isn't meant to be painful!  

Ayurvedic yoga massage is a deeply relaxing treatment for the whole body, combining deep tissue work to dissolve physical tension, coordinated breath-work and yoga stretching to realign the body and stimulate the natural flow of energy. 

Steven's work combines the best techniques from his sports and Ayurvedic experience, into a remedial and holistic practice.

Sports Massage Treatments or a 'classic' Loop massage with Steven are available on Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons. Steve is a member of the ISRM.


Additional THERAPIST: Catherine

Catherine is an experienced Massage Therapist and Reflexologist who has worked in both private practices and the spa industry.

Catherine works holistically, incorporating a range of massage techniques and styles into her treatments to provide a truly unique and tailor-made treatment.

Catherine is also trained in deep tissue massage and offers pre-natal massage.

Catherine will be at Loop this Autumn, covering various holidays