Massage for the many, not just the few.
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"Polly is a skillful and sympathetic masseuse who worked her way around my back with extraordinary dexterity. I felt completely confident and relaxed in her hands, and left the session stress free and invigorated!"

— Julia, Febuary 2016


I had never had a massage before. I've always been too nervous and self conscious. With polly i choose a very safe pair of hands to start.

Polly has a way of being both warm & caring without being false or 'perky'. She is very genuine & seems to approach her work with openness and interest.

She cares about the details.

Her surroundings were stylish and comfortable, everything smelt good- including after my massage! She even asked what music I would like to listen to. Hurray!

I really loved the whole experience. Being prodded, poked, kneaded and smoothed felt very good. Polly's good. My wobbly self-consciousness worries evaporated in Polly's confidence & calm hands. My only complaint was that it felt like it was over all too quick!

I would and have recommended polly to friends and family. Shes great. Super attentive, sensitive & makes everything so easy and relaxed.

I look forward to  my next massage.

— Hannah, March, 2017

"I am an actor working within the theatre industry. I have used Polly on three occasions for a between show relaxing massage. 
She is great. Very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend her.”

— Craig, December 2016


As an actor who works very physically I appreciate a massage that can tailor itself to my specific needs.  Polly supported the performers of Cinderella this xmas with weekly massages that looked after our poor tired bodies rejuvenating us or enabling us to drop and truly relax for 45 mins/an hour in her expert hands.  Her love of people, attention to the whole experience,  underline her careful, passionate and thought through practice. I, for one will remain "in the loop'!

— Lucy, December 2016


I have been going to Polly for massages for just over a year and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has given me the best massages I’ve ever had. She is so friendly and creates a great atmosphere, in spite of my insistence to listen to radio 4 throughout!

— Harriet, Febuary 2017