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Cold Pressed Oil No.1 - Pure

Cold Pressed Oil No.1 - Pure

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For those with a more sensitive skin, this blended oil has a simple ingredients list of oils known for their calming properties. Pure is free from essential oils. 

It is well known that Jojoba Oil is very similar in composition to the skin's oils or sebum. This makes it an excellent emollient for the skin and balances oil production. Rice bran is an excellent skin soother and smoother.

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Why would I want to add oil to my face or body? Won’t that make me a greasy mess? 

The short answer is no. We are taught that oil is the worst thing ever for our skin. There are so many products out there for removing the skin’s natural oils, yet when the skin is stripped like this it actually encourages it to create an excess of oil.

Loop oils are packed full of ingredients to work with you and your skin So, don’t assume oil is a no-no for your skin, you just have to find the blend that works for you - try it and see.