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BYBI / Supercharge Serum

BYBI / Supercharge Serum

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From BYBI. 100% Natural Facial Serum, with active botanical concentrate.


A potent oil-based serum that feels really light when you apply it to the skin, which energises and repairs dull and tired complexions. Formulated with a blend of 18 antioxidant-rich natural oils that are fast-spreading, meaning you can use both day and night, it works hard to repair and protect the skin. Result = bright, even skin tone, reduced redness, reduced signs of damage. 


We spent ages formulating Supercharge Serum in a bid to solve the classic serum dilemma: high potency and 100% natural but not thick and heavy. No water in the formula means you get the highest concentration of active botanicals, but we specifically (and painstakingly) sought out the 18 easiest absorbing oils with the highest levels of antioxidants, so it’s super powerful. Squalane, camellia, prickly pear, jasmine, watermelon seed, radish oils, we could go on…

But what does this mean for your skin? Potent nutrients including Vitamins A, C and E, delivered quickly, that speed up skin cell turnover, repairing any areas of damage and introducing bright, even cells to the skin’s surface.

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This one took us a while to get right. Typically when you think natural serum you think thick, orange, nut-scented oil, right? Supercharge Serum is totally different and the new jewel to your skincare crown. Designed to feel almost like a dry oil, glide smoothly onto skin and absorb almost instantly, this powerhouse is light yet incredibly potent.