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BYBI / Babe Balm

BYBI / Babe Balm

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A multipurpose beauty balm, from BYBI

Babe Balm’s new texture is lighter, creamier and absorbs into your skin faster. It’s easier to get out the tube and much easier to work into dry patches. We’ve improved the smell and enhanced the fruity pequi, it’s a sweet, subtle smell that’s purely natural.

Babe Balm is housed in our eco-friendly biodegradable sugarcane tubes, but we’ve added some gold foiling for that luxe, shelfie-worthy feel.

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There are 101 ways to use Babe Balm, our universal beauty balm. Here are our top 3: Super moisturising night cream for the face, neck and chest. Coenzyme Q10, a compound with powerful antioxidant properties, restores and regenerates for supple soft complexions. All you gotta do is lay there and let it work its magic.