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So it’s been a busy (almost) year for loop, so busy that there’s not been many Blog posts here. Which is odd because I love to write, but setting up a business is pretty all encompassing, who knew? Everyone? Oh, ok then.

I’m definitely not complaining, it feels as though Bristol has taken Wapping Wharf and Cargo to their hearts and it’s a real joy to be a part of. It’s lovely that Loop has got a strong and loyal little following too. Basically, as I’d have told you if you’ve ever been in (and commented that you like it) - I’ve created my idea of bliss in a cargo box, so the fact that other people like it, really makes my heart glad.

I’m a weirdo who loves small spaces, so I made an adult blanket fort. I painted it my favourite colour (grey, yes grey, it goes with everything and makes all the other colours look better, that’s my kind of colour) and then I basically filled it with all my favourite things. Depending on the season that’s plants and air plants , crystals and things that smell good. There are plastic dinosaurs and other creatures dotted around. I’m also toying with making an octopus the Loop mascot (because of all those arms and because I LOVE them). All this basically means I’m happy every time I come to work. 

I’ve also been known to have picnics in the studio with friends (after hours) - we buy wine from Corks and food from one of the amazing neighbours and hangout in my fort. I feel pretty lucky, all the time, and oh so grateful.

The only thing that I’ve gotten anxious about is that I am but one human and there’s only so much massage that human can physically do in a week. I know this because up until Christmas I properly tested that theory. 

My life before Loop was based in theatre. It is not uncommon to do long hours in theatre, well, Loop beat those hours. Which is impressive and not really a big surprise - starting your own business and all. 

So, it’s time that Loop grew a little bit, we’re expanding, not up or out (that would be impossible, it’s a metal box and we’ve got neighbours). We’re stretching the business hours and the days we’ll be open, in short we’ll be open longer and everyday.

People are joining me,  four new therapists to be exact, will be working at Loop and that’s super awesome because it means we will hopefully be able to offer you appointments more quickly. No more waiting for weeks. 

Plus because we know, sometimes, you need a very specific niggle looking at, two of the team are specialist sports and remedial massage practitioners. You can meet the team here on the about page and find out who is working when.

I am so excited and so pleased with who is joining the Loop Squad (I’m not sure they are going to allow me to keep calling us that but just this once - I have a Squad!). They’re a highly talented, lovely bunch who love the studio and the oasis I’ve created. So I’m sure you’ll like them.

Anyway that’s a little catch up on life in the studio and here’s a promise that’ll now have a little more time to blog more frequently.

MassagePolly Meech