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Stop. Take A minute


Eeeeeeeeeee! Loop Massage studio has been open for just a couple of months. It has been an exciting, busy time. We started the build in the very chilly months of early 2017. Now, as the days are longer and (sometimes) warmer I've finally a moment to pause and reflect. 

Starting my own business has been teaching me some valuables lessons. Like many, I strive to, but often fail, to make time to look after myself. When you work for yourself there is always something you could be doing to help your new endeavour to thrive. In a society that gages self-worth with how long our working hours are, the number of emails in our inbox, the length of the ‘to-do’ lists. It seems like the only time we get to stop is on our annual summer holiday and then it’s not so much a stop but a crash out. 

The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure, we all know life needn’t be this way. Who hasn’t returned from holiday making resolutions to take the lunch break, to finish early, to hire the babysitter, to switch off the phone? Noting that other cultures seem to manage it - working hours are shorter, lunches are longer and a siesta is part of the daily rhythm of things; and the world hasn’t stopped! It doesn’t seem to pan out that way back in our ‘real world’.

Taking time is important, think of how well-rounded and well-rested we would be if instead of hoping a two week break in the sun will fix us. Take smaller pauses for the 50 other weeks of the year as well. It doesn't have to be much; Take an hour to paint, read or walk, you could catch up with a friend, or take a minute to stretch, or at the very least  a second for a deep breath. We need to take the time to cultivate habits which will serve our minds and our bodies in the long run. Imagine how much more refreshing those two summer weeks will be, if, instead of having to recover and reboot for the next onslaught; we are already centred and prepared for a well deserved break from everyday life. 

I've been making little lists to remind myself of the small things I can do for myself to look after myself mindfully.

  1. Reading actual books before I go to sleep, cuts down on screen time and relaxes me for rest. I like to check out charity shops to score interesting finds.
  2. As I'm pretty much constantly mentioning, I'm all about the Yoga. A little goes a long way and it's such a good way.
  3. Listening to Podcasts and little lunch time walks - I'm super lucky to work down by the harbour-side. Which is great for a lunch time amble. Also I urge you to listen to this programme on octopuses from BBC Radio 4  - amazing molluscs. You can listen again here:
  4. At the risk of sounding slightly unhinged I take a little time out, in the studio, to talk to my air-plants. They're completely nonjudgmental. Did you know plants in the home or work place have been proven to boost attentiveness, lower anxiety and blood pressure, and raise productivity... just so you know.
  5. I'm a huge believer in the cat nap. Sleep is so incredibly restorative and important for our well being.
Polly Meech